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Tonino Lamborghini Energy Drink Kenya Tour

The TL Energy Drink was promoted during a Kitesurfing Tour in Kenya.

From mid-December 2009 to mid-January 2010 a kitesurfing tour sponsored by Tonino Lamborghini Energy Drink took place against the beautiful backdrop of Kenya.

The white beaches of the Watamu Marine National Park and the golden beaches of Che Shale (Mambrui), located about 100 km north-east of Mombasa, hosted the Kitesurfing Mission Tonino Lamborghini Energy Drink. Che Shale is a natural paradise and it has the biggest and best equipped kitesurfing school in Kenya.

With the support of Justin Aniere, who day after day made sure everything was perfect €" the bar, the restaurant, suits, qualified instructors, the beach controlled with assistance €" the kitesurfing tour went so smoothly. Kitesurfers Gianluca Merla and Sara Fontanelli used the Tonino Lamborghini Energy Drink boards and were wearing the Tonino Lamborghini Energy Drink clothes.

On New Year's Eve in Mambrui (10 km north of Malindi) the barmen from Che Shale served the Keynesian national rum mixed with Tonino Lamborghini Energy Drink.

When the Tonino Lamborghini Energy Drink and kitesurfing meet ... entertainment and fun are guaranteed!